About Party Starter

How it all began…

by Shelley – Founder of Party Starter

The idea for the Party Starter evolved some twenty years ago when I started hosting parties for my children. It soon became apparent that whilst I loved preparing the party, choosing the games, crafting decorations, deciding on food and gathering party bags that fitted each particular theme I didn’t, as a former primary school teacher, enjoy feeling I was back in the classroom when running the event itself. I found myself shouting above the rising excitement trying to gather everyone together to play the next game or activity and resorted to classroom techniques to ‘manage the crowds’ which just felt so wrong at a family celebration.

  • So the concept of using the combination of a physical prop as a focus and a jingle to draw everyone together was born.
  • Over the years we have hosted some memorable birthday celebrations involving Wizards, fairies, pirates, mermaids, the Scooby Doo team and the witches and wizards from Harry Potter using the concept behind the Party Starter to good effect.
  • Last year the children in our village (nearly 60 of them) enjoyed the games presented on the Halloween Party Starter and more recently the Unicorn themed Party Starter has been used successfully by a family during lockdown, playing one of the games over zoom with extended family.
  • My children are now adults but memories of their birthday celebrations are fond ones and talked about often. It’s lovely to think that a product, so simple yet so effective, can bring pleasure to other children, their friends and families and create memories that will live on forever.