How to use your

Party Prop & Planner

Follow these simple steps…

– Step 1 –
Choose one of our colourful designs to suit your occasion

– Step 2 –
Use the detailed planner on the reverse to select and highlight the games to be played as you open each door

– Step 3 –
Gather and store the equipment needed ahead of time to help the day go as smoothly as possible

– Step 4 –
Create a music playlist and select one memorable tune or jingle that can be used as a prompt to call everyone back to the Party Starter to reveal the next game

– Step 5 –
Think about the extras such as food, drink, invitations, decorations, party bags and thank yous etc.

– Step 6 –
Watch our useful videos to guide you through using your Party Starter.

What’s behind the doors?

Click on the doors to reveal a typical game that’ll be sure to entertain

Click on the numbers below to see what’s behind the doors

Video Tutorials